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Learn a Modern Trading Method That's Logical, Proven and Plays to Your Strengths.

The Duomo Method is more than just an online course. It’s an immersive, active learning experience that uses cutting-edge techniques to develop you into a high performing trader... even if you have no prior experience.

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"Trading has changed a lot in my life. I really do think that joining the Duomo Initiative was the best thing that could’ve happened." - Marco H.
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Learn the skill of trading the right way

Markets are Risky Enough... Your Learning Shouldn't Be.

If you're investing your time and effort into developing a complex skill, you want to know the approach is correct. Learning something shouldn't be a risk! Unfortunately, for retail traders that's usually not the case.

Unlike most online trading academies, with the Duomo Method you won't be learning ineffective trading approaches from the early 1900s or using inefficient learning methods that only waste your time.

We embrace a research and testing based approach in everything - from what you learn all the way to how you learn it.

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The Duomo Method is for anyone who wants to...

Develop the skill of trading and not just memorise a system

You'll learn how to read the price movements, understand the context and anticipate what will happen next in the markets rather than just blindly following a fixed set of steps.

Get support and feedback from consistently profitable traders

You'll gain our years of experience in the markets and of helping other traders to help you easily push past frustrating sticking points and develop the correct techniques.

Have all aspects of achieving high performance covered

To perform at a top level you have to go beyond simply learning the core skill. You'll develop other trading advantages including mental edges and many marginal gains.

Gain unshakeable confidence trading in all market types

You'll be prepared to deal with  any type of asset or market activity. This means you'll know what to do in any situation and have flexibility to find opportunities anywhere.

Build a system based on your strengths and way of working

Rather than adopting someone else's system, we'll be walking you through how to build your own. This will fit around your lifestyle, commitments and use your unique strengths.

Meet like-minded traders and get rid of the loneliness factor

You won't have to experience the isolation that most traders go through, since you'll be part of a thriving community of traders offering positive support to each other.

"Since joining I have clarity in my vision and a clear direction on how to get there... If you can see yourself doing it in the next 5 years, jump in with both feet and don’t look back."
- Will S. (Duomo Member)

Your Membership Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed at Trading

This is the most complete package for learning to trade. Featuring an ever-growing library of lessons, courses and resources, an exceptional community, live sessions and professional support.
Duomo Method Course

15+ hours of video lessons across 90+ modules. This detailed course takes you from basic foundations to the advanced techniques.


Get feedback on your analysis and trades to immediately correct any mistakes and understand what you need to do to improve.

Weekly Live Streams

Follow in real-time and get your questions explained. Nicholas and the team provide weekly markets overviews, live trading/analysis sessions and interactive lessons.

Live Markets Chat

Never face the loneliness of trading again. Follow the markets with like-minded traders, share ideas and gain positive support.

Supporting Resources

Save time, effort and confusion by getting access to a range of templates, guides and journals to track and improve your trading.

Additional On-Demand Courses

Expand your knowledge, ability and confidence in the market with our ever-growing library of additional supporting courses.

Deliberate Practice Database

You'll perform the 'gold standard' of practice sessions with our database of deliberate practice activities. Then get feedback on your work in the community.

Knowledge Hub

Get instant access to answers whenever you hit a sticking point. Our searchable knowledge hub will become your second brain.

"Trading has changed a lot in my life. I really do think that joining the Duomo Initiative was the best thing that could’ve happened. The team, the other members, we’re all a big family which aim for the same goal."

Marco - Duomo Member

"The Duomo Method course gave me a solid foundation in technical analysis however being part of the Duomo Community is really what has made the biggest difference for me and my trading results."

Iry - Duomo Member

"Without the support of the community, I’m not sure whether I would have pushed myself the way I have. Joining this community was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far!"

Simon - Duomo Member

It's An Online Performance Institute for Trading

Trading is a complex skill and it needs to be treated like one. At the top level of other valuable skills, training is carefully designed by specialists to cover all aspects of achieving high performance.

We believe, as a trader, you deserve that treatment too. We use the latest findings about skill development to design training plans and lessons that let you develop the skill deeply, effectively and efficiently.

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Your 3 phase learning plan

Your journey to success should be efficient and effective. By following our 3-phase plan you'll gain unshakeable confidence in the market by developing the skill deeply.
Phase 1: Learning the tools and concepts deeply
Executed using a demo account.
Result being measured:
Progress in ability and understanding of the tools/concepts being used.

In this phase you are focused on learning the tools and concepts that will allow you to trade. You should not be attempting to do everything all at once. Instead, your focus is on deeply understanding the tools and concepts in isolation, followed by logical groupings of them, before eventually bringing it all together in Phase 2. This phase is mainly formed of sessions involving deliberate practice and studying.
Phase 2: Putting it all together and achieving consistency
Executed using a demo account.
Result being measured:
Consistency and profitability.

In this phase you are bringing everything you’ve learned together. Your aim is to firstly achieve consistency with your trading, regardless of the P&L results. You need to have a consistent approach with every trade, with relatively consistent overall results. This can then be optimised to achieve profitability (if not already achieved).

If consistency is not achieved, you should go back to Phase 1.

If consistency is achieved, the next aim is to be profitable with this consistent approach for a significant amount of time. This will vary depending on the trading style being used, but it should be no less than 3-6 months of consistently profitable results.

Phase 3: Live trading with a focus on profitability and risk management
Executed using a live account.
Result being measured:
Profitability and risk management.

In this phase the consistency should have already been achieved in Phase 2 and carried over to this one. In this phase you use a live account, but with a small amount of capital. The aim is to achieve profitability, while also having a low drawdown on the account (below 10%, for example). If this can be achieved for a significant amount of time (as per Phase 2, this will vary), then a full live account can be used with no turning back!

Your Lead Instructor

About Nicholas Puri

Nicholas is the director and co-founder of The Duomo Initiative. He first started in the financial markets in the early 2000's and achieved consistently profitable results after years of learning, testing and eventually forming his own method in the markets.

After graduating in 2010, Nicholas began his career in banking in London, before moving on to Zurich to co-found an investment company, PuriCassar AG, with Dr. Alexander Cassar.

Although the intention was to launch an innovative investment fund, the team at PuriCassar AG discovered a unique theory of price movements and a new market model. This ultimately led to them developing an algorithmic trading system.

In 2014, The Duomo Initiative was formed as a division of PuriCassar AG to share the discoveries the company had made. In 2016, the first online course was launched and The Duomo Initiative was eventually spun-off as an independent company.

What's Covered in the Duomo Method Course?

Here's an overview of the topics that are covered in the course itself.
Featuring 15 hours of content across 90 modules.

Setting Your Foundations

We start by setting the foundations, preparing you for your career in trading from a personal point of view and setting the goals you’re going to achieve.

Technical Analysis Techniques

Learn a unique method of technical analysis that will teach you how to read and understand the market to anticipate pin-point moves.

We’ll share our unique discoveries in the Duomo Market Theory, so you don’t just know what you need to do and how to do it, but also why it works and why you’re doing things that way.

Risk & Trade Management

You’ll learn simple ways to manage your risk so you can keep your potential for losses as low as possible while learning to stack the odds in your favour and milk an opportunity.

Trading System & Optimisation

We then focus on building your customised trading system, including how to optimise it to increase the level of profitability. You’ll even learn how to optimise your own performance as a trader.

Trading Psychology & Mindset

Develop unshakable confidence in your ability as a trader and learn how to manage emotions to keep your decisions rational and level-headed. Psychology can be a major sticking point for traders – we have you covered!
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You'll Also Get Access To...

Trading Community and Hands-On Mentor Support

When you become part of the Duomo Method community, you're joining a group of friendly, ambitious and positive traders from around the world. Rather than doing things alone, you'll have the support of other members who will push you to succeed, pick you up when times get tough and celebrate your wins with you.

You'll also get support and feedback from the Duomo Team, which is a vital part of achieving high performance. Getting feedback to correct your technique is the best way to achieve amazing results rapidly.

Get support to accelerate your progress

Weekly Live Content and Trading Video Breakdowns

You'll be able to tune in live as Nicholas and the team go through the markets live. This includes analysis breakdowns, specific lessons, live trading sessions and member mentoring/feedback.

You can tune in live to get your questions answered and get feedback on your trades or analysis, or you can catch the replay whenever you want. You'll also get access to all previous replays, including hundreds of hours of content.

Get access to our live sessions

Our Learning Portal - An Online Uni for Traders

To achieve the most sustainable success in the markets, you need to become what we call a 'complete' trader. You'll achieve this by having diverse knowledge of many factors that move the markets and affect your trading performance.

Our Learning Portal features a range of courses and resources that cover all the supporting aspects for your trading. This includes course topics ranging from economics to performance tracking, and we are constantly adding new ones to keep you levelling up!

Level up your trading development

What Our Members Say

"Seeing how the course teaches the skill and how everything interlaces is a real euphoric eye opener, something you don’t get with scattered YouTube videos... I knew the financial commitment was a priority, one that will pay dividends."
- Macauley D (Duomo Member)


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